Gfycat Developer Portal

The Gfycat Developer Portal is the documentation for all the features you could possibly look to integrate GIF experiences into your app, website, bot, or other project.

Getting Started

Use of Gfycat’s APIs and SDKs requires authentication. Register for an API key and include details about your product so we know what cool product you are building. We love to highlight what developers are doing with our technology. If your product is not live when you begin developing with our APIs, update your app name and product URL later and send us a note to so we can check it out. See our section on authentication once you have your API key. If you’re developing for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and web, be sure to register and use three separate API keys for each instance.

GIF Keyboard or GIF Search

If your product has a messaging feature or a social posting feature, this is an experience you’ll want. GIF search and GIF reaction categories are great ways to increase engagement in your app. Messaging apps, dating apps, or workplace collaboration apps are a few great use cases.

The iOS SDK (GfycatKit) and Android SDK (Gfycat Picker Fragment) were developed for these use cases and have UI elements and analytics already included. To use the Gfycat “GIF” button icon, you can find a .svg here. The SDKs are also ad-enabled (off by default). If you’d like to plug this in as well, send us a note to during your development process.

For a standalone desktop app or desktop web version of your app, we also have a custom web SDK available that you can easily implement. Send us an email to request access with your Gfycat client_id and client_secret and we can help you get that set up in less than a day.

To implement a similar feature directly using the API instead of the SDKs, use the following endpoints: trending GIFs, search, reaction GIFs list, impressions, and shares (send video event).

GIF Feeds

On the homepage you’ll see trending GIFs. These trending GIFs are different from the ones you will see in our GIF keyboard (which are optimized for messaging experiences). You’ll also see trending GIF channels on (called ’tags’ in our documentation). Be sure to include impressions for any feature showing trending GIFs or GIFs from the trending channels.

GIF Creation

Creation can take many forms. You could let users make a GIF from a longer video. You could let users make a GIF from their camera or something from their photo/video library on their device. You could give users GIFs that they could add captions or emojis to. There are many possibilities.

Our GIF creation endpoint offers many options including making GIFs from URLs, making GIFs from direct file uploads, and various parameters such as trimming your source media with a start time and duration before making a GIF, adding captions to GIFs, or adding titles, tags, and descriptions to your GIFs so people can discover them more easily on and in apps that use the Gfycat API for GIF search or GIF feeds.

There is other functionality that can be implemented so we encourage you to browse through all the endpoints in the menu to the left.