Gfycat Web SDK

Web SDK for desktop applications or desktop web versions of an application.

Source URL format:{value}

client_id is a parameter unique to your Gfycat API key. This was emailed to you when you registered for an API key to use for your app.

Email us at with your client_id and client_secret so we can give you access to the webview.

Once we’ve given you access, this URL{value} will now work when you replace value with your actual client_id. GIFs are displayed in two columns and the GIF category list is displayed in 3 columns. GIF search takes place as you type.

Put the webview into an iframe that you will then put inside your app.

On gif click there’s a postMessage event with a JSON data object:

{ action: “select”, context: “home” or “search:{query}”, gfyItem: {} }

This will return multiple file formats and you will be able to decide with one is sent (if it is messaging) or posted (if it is a social media post) in your application.